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Signature Coaching Programs

Remember, you are worth the investment! 


Be Fruitful

With a proven track record of bearing much fruitful, Tiffany has designed a signature program called Be Fruitful, which consists of the blueprint she used to overcome poverty and start living a life filled with purpose, productivity, and prosperity. Tiffany believes this program can help clients shift their mindsets and create the life they always wanted. The Be Fruitful signature group coaching program is geared towards helping women draw near to God and align their heart's desire with God's perfect will and promise. Throughout the program, clients will spend a duration of six to twelve months fortifying their relationships with God (upward), themselves (inward), and others (outward). Additionally, clients will receive a copy of the Be Fruitful All-in-One Planner where they can use the planner to identify their goals, develop a personal strategic plan, implement actionable steps with proven results, and track their progress. As a result, clients will gain a better understanding of what it means to bear fruit that remains while embracing a new life filled with purpose, productivity, and prosperity. The value of this signature program ranges from $450.00 - $900.00. During our founding year, we are running a special where new clients will receive 20% off the valued price. Therefore, with the discount, the cost of the program ranges from $360.00 - $720.00.

If you are ready to live a fruitful life filled with purpose, productivity, and prosperity, then this program is for you. Keep in mind, that changes occur when we activate our faith, shift our mindsets, and take action. 

House Frames


As a Real Estate Developer and the winner of the University of Baltimore's "Pitch for A Million" Competition, Tiffany designed a signature coaching program called REWIRED. REWIRED focuses on Reaching and Empowering Women in Real Estate Development. In this program, clients will spend a total of six months learning the necessary steps required to rehab houses and revitalize neighborhoods throughout the City of Baltimore. Tiffany will share the blueprint she used to complete her first real estate development project, where she profited over $61,000. Not bad for her first project. Right? Additionally, Tiffany will walk clients through each phase of development and shine a light on areas where people make the biggest mistakes that cost them time and money.

While enrolled in this program, clients will receive a copy of Tiffany's blueprint which includes the pitch presentation that won her first place in the "Pitch For A Million" Competition and the investment summary she used to raise gap funding to leverage a $250,000 guidance line of credit (GOC) to complete her project. REWIRED is valued at $1,800.00. During our founding year, clients will receive 25% off the valued price. Enroll today and only pay $1,350.00. 

If you are ready to be REWIRED and revitalize neighborhoods all while improving your financial trajectory, then this signature program is just right for you. Don't wait, enroll today! 

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