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Be Fruitful Life Planner

Be Fruitful Life Planner

SKU: 00196852999408

The Be Fruitful Life Planner is designed to help women plan for a life filled with purpose, productivity, and prosperity. As an undated all-in-one life planner, women can pick up where they left off without wasting any paper or money. Additionally, this planner can be used to fortify your relationship with God by helping you intentionally set aside time to pray and read God’s Word.

In addition to strengthening your relationship with God, this tool consists of templates designed to encourage you to increase your productivity level by becoming more disciplined in taking the necessary steps to fulfill your God-given purpose. For instance, the life planning section is composed of the following templates: a vision board, a personal strategic plan, a financial snapshot, and a career development plan.


Lastly, each monthly tab includes some of the following templates: a monthly calendar, weekly schedule and to-do list, monthly budget sheet, task management and goal tracker, weekly meal planner and health and wellness tracker, and monthly reflection tools.


Bonus: What is a planner without stickers? Each planner comes with stickers!

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    $36.00Sale Price
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