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REWIRED Signature Coaching Program

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REWIRED focuses on Reaching and Empowering Women in Real Estate Development. In this program, clients will spend a total of six to twelve months learning the necessary steps required to rehab houses and revitalize neighborhoods throughout the City of Baltimore. Tiffany will share the blueprint she used to complete her first real estate development project, where she profited over $61,000. Additionally, Tiffany will walk clients through each phase of development and shine a light on areas where people make the biggest mistakes that cost them time and money.

While enrolled in this program, clients will receive a copy of Tiffany's blueprint which includes the pitch presentation that won her first place in the "Pitch For A Million" Competition and the investment summary she used to raise gap funding to leverage a $250,000 guidance line of credit (GOC) to complete her project


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  • March 30, 2023


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