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About Me

Tiffany, a beacon of resilience and purpose, emerged from the heart of Brooklyn, shattering barriers that sought to confine her. From the Fort Greene Housing Projects to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, her journey is a testament to the boundless power within.

Becoming a first-generation college graduate and single mom fueled Tiffany's pursuit of purpose. In the face of obstacles, she embraced faith, knowing that a mustard seed-sized belief could sustain her through disappointment and failure. Her journey unfolded with remarkable achievements:

In 2011, Tiffany served as an AmeriCorps Member, intervening in the lives of Montgomery County's youth.


In 2016, she managed a federally funded program for residents with HIV/AIDS, solidifying her commitment to public service.


Tiffany's heart for empowerment led to the creation of Empowered to Live, Inc. in 2016, impacting youth and families.


In 2017, Tiffany achieved another milestone as a first-generation homeowner.


Her commitment reached international shores with mission trips to Zambia in 2018 and 2019, empowering single mothers and uplifting youth.


In 2019, Tiffany's victory in UB's "Pitch for A Million" Real Estate Competition marked the birth of Concrete Support LLC.


Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, Tiffany earned her Master's in Public Administration and raised over $385,000 for Frederick-based youth programs, housing stability for women and children, and affordable housing in Baltimore.


But Tiffany felt a void until 2021 when she realized that she deserved a life filled with purpose. Aligning her goals with her purpose, Tiffany became her brand, by harnessing her lived experience to empower others in living out their purpose, utilizing resources to attain their aspirations, and persistently sharing their lived experience with the world.

In a transformative moment, she sold her first real estate project, landed her dream job at HUD, and positively exited all federally subsidized programs. Now, at HUD, Tiffany oversees projects that directly benefit public housing residents.


As the visionary CEO of Women With Fortitude, Tiffany stands as a guiding force, empowering women on both personal and professional fronts. With a holistic approach, she navigates the intricate journey of individual and business projects, weaving a tapestry of empowerment through brainstorming, strategic planning, resource management, and the triumphant execution and completion of projects.


Tiffany is not merely a CEO; she is a catalyst for transformative change. With unwavering dedication and impeccable project management skills, she leads women toward purpose, productivity, and prosperity, infusing their lives with inspiration and the confidence to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Tiffany's work is a symphony of empowerment, echoing the belief that every woman possesses the innate strength to overcome challenges, thrive in their endeavors, and contribute meaningfully to the world. Her commitment to building a foundation of fortitude within each woman resonates as a beacon of inspiration.


In the realm of Women With Fortitude, Tiffany fosters a community where dreams are not just encouraged but actively pursued. Her leadership is a testament to the belief that empowered women not only transform their own lives but also serve as catalysts for broader societal change.


As Tiffany keeps doing her thing to help and inspire women, she's making a lasting impact on their lives. She encourages them to rise, achieve their goals, and contribute to the overall progress of women. In the Women With Fortitude community, Tiffany's legacy is all about being strong, inspiring others, and firmly believing that every woman has the power to control her future and make a difference in the world.

The Motherland Experience

During the summers of 2018 and 2019, Tiffany journeyed to Lusaka, Zambia, where she conducted workshops for single mothers whose children attended Jedidiah Learning Steps, a learning center led by Sife. In addition to her role in facilitating these workshops, Tiffany also assisted the staff in organizing recreational activities for the children. These experiences left an indelible mark on her life. While her intention was to support the women, they, in turn, imparted valuable lessons about the significance of maintaining faith in God regardless of life's challenges. The impact was so profound that Tiffany decided to bring her daughter along the following year. Tiffany holds a deep admiration for the fearless, bold, and resilient women of Zambia.


The Community Engagement Experience

In 2021, Tiffany established an advisory committee consisting of community leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. This collaboration culminated in the launch of Project GUIDE. Project GUIDE is a construction pre-apprenticeship program designed to provide job readiness, basic life skills, and technical training to youth aged 16 to 24. It operates in partnership with Frederick Community College and is spearheaded by Empowered to Live—an organization founded by Tiffany, dedicated to empowering youth and families to lead purpose-driven lives.


The Transformative Experience

aka "The Glow Up"

Moving from public housing to crafting affordable homeownership solutions, Tiffany has anchored herself in unwavering faith, reshaped her mindset, and mastered the art of navigating systems through project management, strategic planning, forging divine connections, and tapping into available resources. This approach enabled Tiffany to not only attain her goals but also transcend the confines of poverty, harmonizing her aspirations with the divine plan for her life. Now, Tiffany embraces a life brimming with purpose, productivity, and prosperity, eager to extend a helping hand to others striving for similar fulfillment.

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