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About Me

A Guide to Your Goals

Tiffany is a native of Brooklyn, New York, who has shattered barriers elevating from a public housing resident in Fort Greene Housing Projects to a Housing Program Specialist at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. As a Housing Program Specialist, Tiffany provides guidance and develops housing policies for over 3300 Public Housing Agencies across the nation. Tiffany’s full circle moments are a constant reminder that faith as small as a mustard seed will allow you to remain focused on fulfilling your purpose despite any disappointment, failure, or obstacles. In 2010, Tiffany's level of faith increased after giving birth to her only child, Shaniah. Three months after the birth of Shaniah, Tiffany received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from George Washington University. After becoming a first-generation graduate and single mom, Tiffany spent the next 10 years discovering pathways to a purpose-driven, productive, and prosperous life. Along the way, Tiffany managed to accomplish quite a few personal goals, such as the following:

· In 2011, Tiffany served two consecutive years as an AmeriCorps Member, delivering a school-based gang intervention program to Montgomery County’s youth.

· In 2016, Tiffany served as the Housing Program Manager for a local Public Housing Agency, where she was responsible for administering a federally funded program that provided permanent housing for residents living with HIV/AIDS.

· In 2016, Tiffany founded a nonprofit organization called, Empowered to Live, Inc., whose mission is to empower youth and families to lead purpose-driven lives.

· In 2017, she became a first-generation homeowner.

· During the summer of 2018 and 2019, Tiffany traveled to Lusaka Zambia to complete a mission trip, which consisted of empowering single mothers and facilitating recreational activities for youth.

· In 2019, while enrolled in the University of Baltimore’s graduate program, Tiffany wowed the crowd and took home first place in UB’s “Pitch for A Million” Real Estate Competition, which led to her starting a community development consulting firm called, Concrete Support LLC.

During the global pandemic, Tiffany graduated with her Master’s in Public Administration and raised over $385,000 in public and private funding, which helped launch two Frederick-based youth programs; provided housing stability for women and children in recovery; and developed affordable housing for low-to-moderate-income families in the City of Baltimore. Although Tiffany has achieved some of her personal goals, she still felt as though something was missing. Then, in 2021, Tiffany’s life took a dramatic shift. She finally started believing that she deserves a life filled with purpose, productivity, and prosperity. So, she became her brand by first convincing herself. Tiffany aligned her goals with her purpose and connected every lived experience to her brand. For instance, in the months of November and December, Tiffany developed and sold her first real estate development project, followed by being hired to work her dream job at HUD. Additionally, she received a letter stating she no longer qualified for subsidized housing programs because her income exceeded the limit. One decision led to Tiffany becoming a living and breathing example of her brand. At HUD, Tiffany is now overseeing projects that specifically serve public housing residents.

As the CEO of Women With Fortitude, Tiffany is coaching women on how to live a life filled with purpose, productivity, and prosperity. She is also responsible for developing programs and leveraging funding that will help increase economic mobility, strengthen families, and build stronger communities. Once Tiffany managed to convince herself, it was easy for her to convince others to invest in her dreams. Today, Tiffany is an up-and-coming international motivational speaker, stirring up the gifts inside others so they no longer lay dormant, but instead, build up enough courage to GET UP & DO SOMETHING!

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The Motherland Experience

In the Summer of 2018 and 2019, Tiffany traveled to Lusaka, Zambia to facilitate workshops for single mothers whose children attended Jedidiah Learning Steps, a learning center headed by Sife. Additionally, Tiffany helped the staff facilitate recreational activities with the children. These experiences changed her life forever. Although she was there to serve the women, they actually taught her the importance of having faith in God no matter what circumstance you are faced with in life. Tiffany enjoyed the experience so much, she brought her daughter along the following year. Tiffany believes the women of Zambia are fearless, bold, and resilient.

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The Community Engagement Experience

In 2021, Tiffany formed an advisory committee with community leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, which led to Project GUIDE's launch. Project GUIDE is a construction pre-apprenticeship program that offers youth ages 16 to 24 job readiness, basic life, and technical skills training in partnership with Frederick Community College. This program is spearheaded by Empowered to Live, an organization founded by Tiffany, that empowers youth and families to lead purpose-driven lives.

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The Transformative Experience

aka "The Glow Up"

From public housing to developing affordable homeownership options, Tiffany has established unwavering faith, shifted her mindset, and learned how to navigate the system by creating a plan, making divine connections, and accessing resources. As a result, Tiffany managed to achieve her goals, overcome poverty, and align her heart's desires with God's will and plan for her life. Tiffany is finally living a life filled with purpose, productivity, and prosperity and looks forward to helping others achieve the same.

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