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Women With Fortitude

Fortifying Lives, Executing Projects

Are you currently at a crossroads, feeling uncertain about your next steps? Do you find yourself grappling with the challenge of identifying your purpose, developing a strategic plan, or accessing the right resources to move your project forward? As a visionary project management consulting company, our mission is to be your partner in progress, empowering women in both individual and business ventures. We offer unwavering guidance and support across various facets of project management for women and women-owned and led businesses, ensuring they not only navigate challenges but also triumph—helping improve their project execution, efficiency, and overall success while staying within budget and meeting deadlines precisely. Picture invigorating brainstorming sessions, strategic planning expertise, seamless resource management, and project execution through tailored consulting, coaching, transformative training, captivating events, and enlightening workshops. We don't just assist; we inspire. Embrace the journey of empowerment with us, where every challenge is an opportunity, and success is not just achieved; it's celebrated. Join our community of purpose-driven achievers, and let's turn your aspirations into inspiring realities!


About Me

Passionate Project Management Consultant and International Motivational Speaker

Stepping into the realm of Project Management in 2016, my focus has been on empowering women to fortify themselves, champion projects, and conquer personal and professional milestones. Over the years, my journey has been a masterclass in honing skills—managing not only professional projects but navigating the complexities of personal endeavors.


This transformative path led to a remarkable achievement: breaking free from all federal subsidizing programs, including Welfare and HUD-assisted Housing Programs. Concurrently, my financial health witnessed a considerable improvement across areas such as credit, assets, savings, and income.

Now, I'm armed with the knowledge to inspire and equip women with essential strategies for project execution and purpose fulfillment. It's about fortifying oneself and boldly deciding to walk by faith, not by sight. Assisting women worldwide isn't just a profession; it's a privilege to observe them flourish in lives brimming with purpose, productivity, and prosperity. Ready to embark on your journey of fortitude? Let's connect—there's so much more to explore and achieve.

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Signature Coaching Programs 

Supporting Your Success


Be Fruitful 

With a proven track record of being fruitful, Tiffany has designed a signature coaching program called Be Fruitful, which consists of the blueprint she used to overcome poverty and start living a life filled with purpose, productivity, and prosperity. Tiffany believes this program can help clients shift their mindsets and create the life they always wanted. The Be Fruitful signature group coaching program is geared towards helping women draw near to God and align their heart's desire with God's perfect will and promise. Throughout the program, clients will spend a duration of 6-12 months fortifying their relationships with God (upward), themselves (inward), and others (outward). If you are ready to be fruitful, schedule a session today!

Estate Agent


As a Real Estate Developer and the winner of the University of Baltimore's "Pitch for A Million" Competition, Tiffany designed a signature coaching program called REWIRED. REWIRED focuses on Reaching and Empowering Women in Real Estate Development. In this program, clients will spend a total of six months learning the necessary steps required to rehab houses and revitalize neighborhoods throughout the City of Baltimore. Tiffany will share the blueprint she used to complete her first real estate development project, where she profited over $61,000. Not bad for her first project. Right? If you are ready to revitalize neighborhoods and increase your financial trajectory, schedule a session today!

May he grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans!

Psalm 20:4 (ESV)

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